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I arrived w/an open mind and no expectations. I waited 2 mins for my salesman, Justin Spoont to assist me. We went for a test drive where he informed me of most of the cars features, accessories and driving tips. I was predetermined to buy this car, it"s a BMW! So I came w/check from bank. Long story short, Justin got the bank to add to the loan to cover 2/3 of top warranty (72mos/100,000 miles)! Furthermore, I know no one will believe this part, his knowledge of auto loans and lenders that he ... e was able to get "said" bank to drop 5.25% off my interest rate! Need I say more? Thank you Justin! Clyde Z
Clyde Zackery

Car Dealership in West Chester, PA

If you are looking for a unique vehicle, something high-line, or even exceptionally rare, then you have come to the right place. At Sky Motor Cars, we carry a broad range of vehicles including some of the most amazing vehicles ever to put rubber to pavement. You can browse through our entire inventory online, or come see our indoor showroom in person today. If you would like to see a specific model in our inventory, then we would appreciate it if you scheduled an appointment, just so that we can make sure the vehicle is ready to be seen, otherwise walk-ins are always welcome.

From our West Chester location, we can serve many major metropolitan areas including Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and all the surrounding areas. However, we do a considerable amount of our business online, and we are always willing to ship anywhere in the country. We can deliver your vehicle directly to your home or work. Our vehicles are aggressively priced, often marked at or below wholesale prices. What’s more, at Sky Motor Cars, we offer a completely transparent car buying process. Our knowledgeable sales staff, along with services like CarFax and AutoCheck, will ensure that you know exactly what you are buying and where your money is going. This is your future vehicle that we are talking about, and you deserve to know every detail!